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Immigration law is more complex and uncertain than ever. Gedeon & Morales Law Group is here to guide you through the immigration process to help protect your family and your livelihood. Our firm assists with all immigration matters including the following.

Family PetitionsVisa WaiversDeportation DefenseCancellation of RemovalAffirmative & Defensive AsylumEmployment & Business VisasNon-immigrant VisasNaturalizationAppealsHardship Waivers & MotionsVAWA ApplicationsFiancé VisasU-Visas

Family Petitions – Consular Processing and Adjustment of Status

Family members who wish to obtain a green card have two options: adjustment of status if they are currently in the United States or consular processing if they are in their home country. We can help you pick the more advantageous process for your family’s circumstances.

Visa Waivers

While a visa is typically required to come to the United States, waivers may be granted for citizens under certain countries under specific circumstances. We can help you determine if you meet the requirements for a business or tourism visa waiver.

Deportation Defense

If deportation proceedings are brought against you, you have two options. The first is making the case that you are not in fact legally deportable. The second is to seek relief from removal for a number of reasons including pending adjustment of status and asylum.

Cancellation of Removal

You may apply for cancellation of removal if you have an open removal proceeding, have spent at least 10 years in the United States, have shown good moral character, and have a spouse, child, or parent who would suffer exceptional and extremely unusual hardship if you were removed.

Affirmative and Defensive Asylum

There are two ways to obtain asylum in the United States. Defensive asylum is available to those who are currently involved in removal proceedings. Other persons who are physically present in the United States can apply for asylum within one year of their arrival.

Employment and Business Visas Including EB 1, EB 2, EB 3, EB 4, and EB 5

Employment visas are classified into different categories based on the skill and education of the worker. Separate quotas and deadlines apply to each category. Our firm helps both individuals and businesses select the appropriate visa type and complete the application process.

Non-immigrant Visas including E2, H, L, O, P, and R

Non-immigrant visas are available for a number of purposes including tourism, education, business, medical care, and temporary employment. We can help you determine whether you need to obtain a visa for your plans to come to the United States and what type of visa you need.


Naturalization is a multi-phase process with a number of different paths and requirements. We can help you determine your eligibility for naturalization as a five-year permanent resident, spouse of a citizen, military veteran, child of a citizen, or other qualifying person.


Many immigration decisions can be appealed, but there are very tight deadlines, and many appeals that are filed on time are denied. We can assist you with the timely filing of your appeal and in presenting the strongest legal case possible for the adverse decision being overturned.

Hardship Waivers and Motions

A hardship waiver may be granted to a person subject to removal if they have a qualifying relative who would suffer an extreme hardship if they were removed. Considerations include the relative’s health, financial, educational, and psychological status as well as the alien’s moral character and length of time in the United States.

VAWA Applications

VAWA applications allow spouses, parents, and children of a citizen to independently apply for an immigrant visa if they have been the victim of domestic violence. This allows them to safely leave the abusive situation without jeopardizing their future immigration status.

Fiancé Visas

A U.S. citizen can apply for a fiancé visa if they wish to marry a citizen of another country. The wedding must take place within 90 days, and after the marriage, the spouse can apply for permanent residence.


Victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, illegal trafficking, and other crimes may be eligible for a temporary U-Visa. To do so, they must meet requirements including being able to assist in the investigation and prosecution of the crime.

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