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If you’re injured in an accident, your medical bills and regular living expenses could start to stack up while you’re out of work. If you were injured by the negligence or recklessness of another person, you should not have to bear this financial burden. Under Florida law, you have a right to receive compensation from the responsible party. We can help you recover for all accidents including the following.

Auto AccidentsSlip and FallsMedical Malpractice

Auto Accidents

Many auto accident victims find that the insurance settlement doesn’t cover the full value of their car, provide adequate coverage for their lost wages, or include followup medical care. All of these, and any other expenses related to the accident, should be fully compensated. If your insurance company is unwilling or unable to work with you, we can help you push your claim so that you can be in the same financial position as you would have been in if the accident never happened.

Slip and Falls

Businesses have a duty to keep their customers safe. This includes keeping their floors and outside walkways dry and free from dropped or spilled items. If you slip and fall because a store was not kept safe, it is not your fault and you are entitled to be compensated for any medical costs.

Medical Malpractice

While successful medical treatment is never guaranteed, a doctor must still act in a competent manner. If errors were made that should be reasonably be expected not to happen, you are entitled to be compensated for any additional medical costs and any other negative impacts on your life.

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